by Frank

July 20, 2021

What a disgusting message that was!

President Joe Biden’s administration gets slammed for issuing an anti-Cuban migrant message, telling them not to risk their lives and come here because they will be refused entry. Cubans are in the midst of a revolution and protesting in the streets against their communist leadership, trying to get their basic freedoms.

This meeting at the GOP House Leadership press briefing has Rep. Steve Scalise just destroying the Biden administration message for telling the Cuban refugees they can’t come to America while the border at Mexico is seeing record numbers of migrants come into the states.

So Biden’s administration is giving the message that sure, the Mexicans can come over, illegally or not, but hey – if you’re Cuban, then don’t even think about it.

Imagine being a Cuban refugee running from communism and America tells you NO THANKS, but the people in Mexico are sneaking in at record numbers.


Must be a tough mixed message to digest if you’re a refugee from Mexico or Cuba.

Steve Scalise is fed up and completely obliterated Biden’s failing administration over the mixed messages sent to various refugees.

It’s funny because there are Cubans who need honest help and it feels like Joe Biden’s administration is doing bare minimum for them, but then they’re also stopping border wall construction and allowing the border of Mexico to become a humanitarian crisis.

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What’s it going to be, Joe?




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