by Frank

August 18, 2020

If the DNC taught us anything, it’s that the Democrats haven’t learned anything. Democrats tapped Eva Longoria as their host and had oddly dressed Billy Porter do one of the most awful cringe performances in all of history while dressed in what looked like a knock-off cape from a Transylvania pawn shop.

And what do we know about celebrities and politics? Well, when it comes to Democrats, it certainly is a terrible mix. Just look at the award shows that keep losing viewers and suffering lower ratings because all they do is pat each other over the back with their fake awards and talk badly about America and the president.

So of course, once the DNC rolled up on your screen with Eva Longoria and Billy Porter, we already knew the Democrats literally have not paid any attention to anything in the last four years as they suffered major TDS. The Democrats have become so out of touch with America that they honestly thought this freak weirdo dressed like a woman and some B-list celebrity was really a good idea?

Look, we’re gonna hear the argument “you have an orange reality TV president” and my answer to that is… yes, I know, and we voted for him because we wanted something different to shake things up and we certainly got it.

But seriously, when Marco Rubio actually makes a good point, that’s when you know you’ve lost the battle. Celebrities are the most out of touch people on the planet along with some of the oblivious Democrats who should resign.

Democrats were mocked for the first night of the DNC and they deserved it. This was next level cringe at its best.


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