by Frank

July 19, 2021

Several big name Democrats like Kamala Harris and Ted Lieu had spoken out about voting machines facing vulnerabilities back in 2018. Some Democrats claimed the machines could be hacked, and other reports said some of the machines were just outdated.

Either way, the big problem now is that many of those same Democrats are quiet about the alleged insecurities that some voting machines might have – and some wonder if that’s because their preferred candidate, Joe Biden, had won the election.

The video above is a compilation of Democrats who spoke out against the voting machines, expressing their concerns, but it’s like their voices about it have disappeared since Biden won in 2020.

One article on The Guardian showed how easy it was for even young people to hack a voting machine to change a vote. That article stated:

At the world’s largest hacking conference, there was good news and bad news for fans of free and fair elections.

The good news is that hacking the US midterms – actually changing the recorded votes to steal the election for a particular candidate – may be harder than it seems, and most of the political actors who could pose a threat to the validity of an election are hesitant to escalate their attacks that far.

The bad news is that it doesn’t really matter. While the actual risk of a hacker seizing thousands of voting machines and altering their records may be remote, the risk of a hacker casting the validity of an election into question through one of any number of other entry points is huge, and the actual difficulty of such an attack is child’s play. Literally

“The most vulnerable part of election infrastructure is the websites,” explained the security expert Jake Braun. Braun, a former White House liaison on cybersecurity, is one of a small group of volunteer IT professionals who have been testing the security – or lack thereof – of the US voting infrastructure every year at the Def Con hacking conference, where he co-founded the Voting Village, a sort of conference-within-a-conference.

Another story on Politico, in 2018, stated the following:


Glitchy paperless voting machines are affecting an untold number of early voting ballots in Texas and Georgia, raising the specter that two of the most closely watched races could be marred by questions about whether the vote count is accurate.

Civil rights groups and voters in the two states have filed complaints, alleging that electronic voting machines — some with touchscreens, some operated with dials — inexplicably deleted some people’s votes for Democratic candidates or switched them to Republican votes.

The errors — which experts have blamed on outdated software and old machines — would appear to work to the advantage of Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz over Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke, and that of Georgia GOP gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp over Democrat Stacey Abrams.

So the point here is this – if the machines are glitchy or not secured then, or now, why is it that both parties aren’t speaking up?

If your party wins the election, do you just sit quietly until the next time around?

Democrats should allow an election audit to prove Joe Biden won, and the next election in 2024 should have one too.

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Until we find the best possible way to run an election, we should just audit every election at this point so people feel safe.




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