by Frank

September 7, 2021

While Democrats battle with Republicans over masks, we had President Joe Biden wandering around delivering sandwiches without wearing his own mask. There’s two big points we need to discuss. The Hill tweeted: “EARLIER: President Joe Biden marks Labor Day by delivering deli sandwiches to union members.” OH THAT’S FREAKING GREAT!!!

1) we are living in the dumbest of times right now because we made science into a right vs left argument. We have people turning into anti-vaxers when we spent the last million decades making fun of anti-vaxers and their messed up weirdo kids. Science and health should never be a political decision. If you want medical advice, then turn off Fox News, CNN, and social media. Then call your doctor directly and ask the actual expert for advice. That’s the last I want to hear or talk about medical / health / science stuff because guess what – we ain’t experts and reading stuff while we’re taking a crap doesn’t make us one (sometimes it does for me though, just sayin…).

2.) Joe Biden is president and basically the biggest Democrat in the country right now. His party is pushing masks and he’s not even wearing one. Don’t you think he should be leading by example? He’s out there delivering sandwiches to union workers and he’s not even wearing a mask? So he’s touching and breathing on people’s food products. Wrapped food or not, it doesn’t matter – he’s still there lurching over it – and you know guys like him are picking their nose in the car on the ride to his photo-op. He might even change his Depends on the way over, I can’t verify for sure.



Way to go, Joe! You did it! Democrats all over social media are calling every little thing a super spreader, but they’re not saying anything when you’re out and about with no masks.


You know, that shows people that if YOU THE PRESIDENT are not wearing one, then why should anyone else?

Should we just point to Joe Biden’s video anytime some liberal yaps about masks on social media?

I don’t know what to do anymore, but now I want some ice cream and not from anywhere near Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi.

Here's some stupid ads. I don't care if you click on them or not. They're probably bullsh-t anyway.

I do know one thing – this country is a mess and politics are out of control. The left and right have both gone too far to the extreme and it’s like there’s no one getting things done anymore.

Half the politicians out there spend more time talking trash on Twitter and GRIFTING people for donations.

Yeah, I said it. If you ever donated to a politician, then you basically got scammed out of your money.

Why would you give someone making a SIX FIGURE SALARY your money? They don’t need your money, they just WANT your money, and there are STUPID PEOPLE who give it to them. Stop giving wealthy people your money because it goes absolutely nowhere.

Why don’t our politicians ALL get off Twitter and go sit down and come up with a plan to get America back in order, because right now it’s just a complete disaster.




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