by Frank

December 18, 2020

There’s a big a thread going on social media that showcases multiple videos of section of Seattle that’s just absolutely destroyed. There are homeless tents, trash, debris, homemade walls made out of pallets, and all sorts of disgusting filth and unsafe-looking setups thrown about.

It was Jonathan Choe, a journalist from KOMO News who put the spotlight on these locations and provided the commentary to explain some of the videos.

Some social media users were blaming leftist protesters because of the ACAB vandalism. Choe’s video also features people squatting in a home that no one lives in, fence, more tents, more trash, and it pretty much looks like the exact place you would not ever want to see your kids grow up in.

It’s unclear who is behind all of this and who is living there specifically, because the videos only show the structures and location – but not as much with the people who are probably in the tents. They could be both homeless and a mix of protesters from out of town. Or maybe some are protesters who were living in their mom’s basement and she finally kicked them out. Probably shouldn’t be 36 and a professional protester at this point.

But this is reality and this is what parts of Seattle look like.

What is Democrat Mayor Jenny Durkan doing about it?


Is she doing anything?

If there’s one thing we know about these photos, it’s exactly what Kermit the Frog says in this tea drinking meme below:

Seattle is a shthole

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Now here’s the videos of Seattle that no one should be dealing with.

Enjoy the show:










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