by Frank

January 20, 2020

Activist David Hogg has released a new video on his Twitter feed ahead of the planned pro-gun rally in Virginia. Hogg stated the following caption on his video post:

VA is in a state of emergency because white supremacists and nazi’s are using their 2nd amendment rights to shutdown the 1st amendment rights of students, veterans, and clergy. Tweet out a video with your support for laws that protect kids, not guns with

Hogg’s video was heavily criticized by those who do do not support him, in general. Many of the critical posts told the teenage activist that Nazi’s were in favor of gun control, thus making his comparison ineffective.


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Those who plan to attend the event in Virginia are seeking more common sense laws rather than the comprehensive laws pushed by Democrat lawmakers. Law abiding citizens are not interested in any laws that could violate their Constitutional rights. They do not want their rights infringed upon, especially considering the legal gun owners with no criminal backgrounds are not the people breaking the law.

At one point, there were pro-gun enthusiasts from the NRA who showed up at the capitol building and they were successful in forcing the Democrats to fall back on a gun proposal that sounded more like a potential confiscation.

Many in support of their Second Amendment rights would like to see Democratic lawmakers put more emphasis in going against those who break the law, rather than proposals that target law abiding citizens.

The event in Virginia could see quite a news cycle.




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