by Frank

July 19, 2021

UFC’s Dana White goes on Fox News with Jesse Watters. They briefly discuss Conor McGregor’s busted ankle and career.

Watters asks White about how the UFC has managed to stay out of all the racial controversies that are plaguing other sports with a woke agenda.

White states that the UFC is a global sport with champions from many countries. Watters pivots to the mainstream media and how they criticized the UFC when Dana White was hosting live sports events earlier than most other leagues. Another point he hammers home is that the UFC is just sports and it’s something people watch to be entertained – they don’t need the racial controversies or woke agenda in their business.

The MMA league was attacked by the media for hosting their live events and Dana White says he just doesn’t care what the media thinks.

Dana White also ripped the media back in April.


This time it was on the Colin Cowherd Podcast and Dana White was asked if the UFC needs the media. Dana White said the following:

“I’m very combative with the media because they’re full of s—. Every time I read something, it makes me crazy. I don’t read anything anymore. I try to stay away from it. I wouldn’t say that we don’t need the media. I think that there are a lot of people out there that have a fan base and following and have their own opinions and perspectives on things that people want to see and hear. I think we do need the media.”

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He kept going…

“Here’s the problem today, determining who’s media and who’s not. Anybody that creates a f—ing website now considers themselves media. If they have an Instagram, now they can become media. Most of these people are full of s— and have no place writing or talking about anything. But there are some real good media people out there still.”




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