by Frank

December 10, 2020

Rep. Dan Crenshaw was on the floor today, standing there all alone, and he completely obliterated Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Crenshaw gave a scathing chat about how Pelosi had no problems missing a haircut in a shuttered salon while people whose jobs were closed because of a lockdown were struggling to get by.

He scolded Pelosi and the Democrats for taking so long with getting a relief package signed and it feels like they aren’t even making progress on it. People’s livelihoods are at stake and politicians who get paid six figure salaries are taking their good old time to argue about it.

Crenshaw said about Pelosi, that “she said the quiet part out loud… This was never about what was best for the American people, never about honest policy disagreement, it was about preventing President Trump getting any credit. It’s about politics.”

Pelosi is now accused of being accepting of a smaller relief package because, as she put it, there’s a “new president.” Pelosi previously wanted a much bigger package out of the Republicans, but once Joe Biden won the 2020 election, it seems like Democrats might be more willing to budge.

Take a look at Dan Crenshaw here serving up some diced Pelosi in a four minute video:


Crenshaw is great with this one. He even mentioned the bar in California that was shut down, despite having outdoor seating. And low and behold, the liberal hypocrites allowed a Hollywood outdoor seating area to open up RIGHT THE HECK NEXT TO IT!!!

Here’s her video expressing what happened, followed by a humbling message they shared after Jake Coco shared her video and it blew up all over Twitter.

Here's some stupid ads. I don't care if you click on them or not. They're probably bullsh-t anyway.

That’s the good ol’ Pineapple Hill if you want to support them.

The Republicans and Democrats yapping about relief packages to help Americans haven’t missed a paycheck and many of us sitting at home are wondering how to pay our bills. Thankfully a lot of the country is opened, but we should be extremely mindful of those who work in the restaurant industry.

Support them whenever you’re able to.




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