by Frank

September 18, 2021

Looks like two students might be facing the wrath of the law after what appears to be a allegedly unprovoked attack on a student who was sitting down eating lunch – and now the father wants to press charges on both alleged attackers in the video below.

The alleged victim and his father discussed the attack during a press conference hosted by FIFL – a group that helps immigrants in Houston. The victim is a Latino boy and the two suspects are African American. They can be seen in the video pummeling the boy, Juan Martinez Jr., who is sitting down eating his food.




Martinez Jr. is a freshman. He claims the attack was unprovoked and the boys who hit him wanted him to get into a fight so he could be “cool.” Martinez Jr. said he knew one of the boys for many years as well. The victim stated: “I went and grabbed my food and I went and sat down. And they just came up from behind me and started saying, like we gotta fight you know? I was like, ‘Just leave me alone. I’m not going to fight with y’all,’ so they just started hitting me.”


Matinez Jr. says he had brain surgery as a very young child and any hits on the head could cause damage.

The family says they’re facing more than $15,000 in medical bills according to KHOU, who also posted the very brief statement from Sterling High School, where this attack took place.

In a statement to KHOU 11, the district said in part, they are “aware of the incident” and “investigating this matter.”

Here is the district’s full statement:

“The district is aware of an incident that took place at Sterling High School that is currently circulating via social media. The district is investigating this matter and will take the necessary action to ensure all students have access to a safe learning environment.”

The school district wrote a two sentence statement. Imagine that.

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Also take notice of the lousy school lunch these kids are given. Two things about that. 1) the free school lunch programs should be canceled. You’re already getting a free education, feed your own kid. No one should have to feed your kid for you. 2) the food is usually so bad that even the poor hungry kids are seen throwing it out – this is the main reason it should be canceled, because the food is disgusting and barely edible for dogs.

Democrats want to act like they’re helping people, but they can’t even get a hot dog right. Sure, the food might be free for students, but it’s barely edible in the first place. This is just Democrats acting like they’re being helpful, then providing the lowest quality of service they can find. You go to the public schools in the suburbs and the food is great. Want to know why? Because a lot of the people in the suburbs vote for Republicans – but that’s another story all together.

Should the two boys hitting the other one be charged with a crime?




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