by Frank

October 5, 2021

Sounds like President Joe Biden has a lot of fans! They keep singing this one chant dedicated especially to him. Oh wait, I don’t think they’re fans, they might be the complete opposite because this chant says “f–k Joe Biden (and de Blasio)” and people keep chanting it at football games, NASCAR, and now the streets of NYC.

Oh, and give Mayor (bozo) De Blasio a round of applause for getting some attention in this video too. This might be the only cool time anyone ever said his name. You know his wife probably ain’t screaming it out loud. She’s probably just married to him for the status.

This crowd in NYC is standing up for the teachers and those who work in education who face getting fired if they don’t get the you know what stuck in their arm – but I ain’t here to talk about that. In fact, as stated later in this article, about 8,000 have already been placed on unpaid leave in NY!!

But anyway, I’m just sharing ANOTHER incident of people shouting the anti-Joe Biden rhetoric. I guess this is what it felt like when all those people were mad at the Orange guy for his mean tweets – but hey, at least he didn’t destroy the economy or let the border run wild. Give me Trump 7 days a week every day of the year over Joe Biden and his ‘heels up’ no-talent Kamala Harris.


For reference, it seems like the Supreme Court also allowed this to go through. Here’s some other info on it, particularly about the thousands of people placed on unpaid leave for not getting “it” in time or yet:


The requirement applies to roughly 150,000 people who work in the nation’s largest school system, including teachers, principals, custodians, school safety agents and lunch aides. About 8,000 employees refused to be [redacted] and have been placed on unpaid leave, city officials said Monday.

Educators who get [redacted] after Monday can return to school once they have received a first dose, and Mr. de Blasio said he expected some numbers of educators and staff members to return in the coming weeks.

Those who do not will be barred from entering schools and placed on unpaid leave, with health insurance, for a year

Dang, that’s a LOT of people placed on unpaid leave.

Whatever happened to “my body, my choice?”

If you’re really bored, then here’s Joe Biden blabbering on about the debt ceiling and other things.

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