by Frank

July 26, 2021

Democrat Rep. Cori Bush shared a handful of threats she received since taking office as Missouri’s first Black congresswoman in 2020. Many of the messages and threats sent to her were racial or violent in nature, very hateful of course.

The messages are all quite evil and not something you’d ever want to wake up to. However, Twitter users noticed one intricate detail about one of the images Cori Bush posted. After spotting this one detail, Twitter users then accused Cori Bush of faking hate crimes against herself.

While it’s unclear if these messages were truly sent to Cori Bush or she made them up herself, that remains unknown.

It should be noted that many of the messages appear to have very little detail, which could easily allow people to speculate that she or someone else created these images for the sake of posting about hate.

In the one that people called her out for, she posted what appears to be a form that has a red asterisk that indicates it’s a required field – but the presence of the red asterisk indicates the form has not actually been submitted. So technically, it’s an image of a form that is completed, but not submitted.

That one detail has lead to Cori Bush being accused of faking the messages entirely. At this time, there is no evidence to support that anyone sent these messages to Cori Bush, and there is also no evidence to support claims that she is faking it. It remains unclear who really wrote the messages.


Most of the messages posted by Cori Bush include threats or vulgarity, as reported on Fox2Now, and further down are on full display from her own tweets:

“White supremacists wanted me dead before I came to Congress. And white supremacist threats on my life have only intensified as a Black woman speaking truth in the halls of power. Just know: They won’t stop us. They can’t.”

Bush then tweeted some of the messages she received. One said you’re going to get yourself ‘murdered’ if you kept running your mouth. There was some racist language included in that message.

Another message she shared said, “You guys are Traitors and should be dealt with the punishment of being a Traitor. Hung of shot by a firing squad.”

And here are the many Tweets shared by Cori Bush and people suggesting that she may have faked it.

Cori Bush getting called out and accused of filling out the form herself:

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