July 26, 2020

In Seattle, police declared a riot on Saturday afternoon. Looters seized a peaceful protest, resulting in 21 police officers being injured. The looters lit up “explosive fires” that caused widespread damage in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Forty-five people were arrested for assault, obstruction, and failure to disperse.

Fox 10 reports that at 2 pm, protesters gathered for a peaceful march, mirroring protesters in Portland. By 4 pm, crowds broke away from the peaceful protest and set five construction trailers at the Juvenile Detention Center on fire. On top of that, they also attacked camera crews. 

The police noted explosions in the area, along with numerous fires. Looters targeted the East Precinct. Rioters busted a security fence and proceeded to vandalize the building. The police are currently investigating the damage on the walls caused by explosives that were used to attack officers. 

An officer was hospitalized by an explosive, causing a knee injury. A spokesperson from Harborview Medical Center said that the officer is now in satisfactory condition. As of 10 pm, 21 officers were injured. Protesters used bricks, rocks, mortars, and other explosives to attack officers and destroy buildings. 

Countless storefronts were vandalized with graffiti, and the Starbucks on 12th was destroyed inside and out.


On the third day this week, rioters targetted businesses and government buildings for the second time. On Sunday, 12 SPD officers were attacked and resulted in multiple injuries. One had to be rushed to the hospital after being hit with fireworks, causing a neck burn. 

A federal judge intervened on Friday night, blocking a Seattle City Council ordinance that banned police from using crowd-control measures—blocking of the ordinance allowed Seattle’s Police Department to disperse crowds using pepper spray and blast balls. King County Sheriff’s office was called to assist the SPD. 

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On Thursday evening, Federal agents were deployed to protect federal buildings. Local and state leaders claimed that the presence of federal agents only intensified the situation.




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