by Frank

September 11, 2021

Here’s a cop who dropped a suspect like a sack of dirty potatoes and he didn’t even use a weapon. No nightsticks, no gun, no taser, no problem – except people still want to complain.

The cop approaches a gang of women fighting and ganging up on some lady who’s on the ground getting her butt whipped like cream. That’s when the cop targets the biggest one, slams her on the ground, and walks back to the group to help break up the rest of them.

Some folks said that was a little too much, but they sound like people who won’t ever be happy with anything. Some people will complain about cops no matter what, it’s like they don’t want any protection or for cops to do their jobs! Some people are nuts. Can’t shoot the bad guys. Can’t punch the bad guys. Can’t slam the bad guys. What you want them to do, suck the bad guys toes? Maybe give them a bag of tacos and slap them a high five.



Yep. That happened and who cares? If you’re gonna gang up on someone in a fight in the streets, then be prepared for when the cops show up and do the same to you.

This is just a cop doing his job and he did no wrong.

You can’t make everyone happy like the guy who said it’s too much. Was it too much that the woman was helping others bash someone’s head in?

Just be glad the cop did it with ease and was able to break it up.

And if you’re not a cop dealing with this stuff on a daily basis, then maybe you should sign up and give it a try before complaining.

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