by Frank

July 28, 2021

Hold your hats folks, this video clip of comedians torching white privilege is probably the funniest thing you will read all day.

But here’s the fact – it’s hilarious because that’s what comedy is supposed to be. And to add more facts to the fun, comedy is often rooted in truth and what these comedians are saying is just brutally honest truth that slaps the concept of white privilege and flushes it down the toilet like a corn-filled log you built up from eating at the buffet.

The first comedian makes a great point of suggesting that white folks now are not responsible for the things that people did 150 years ago.

He reminds people that you’re not going to do those things to someone and then move right next door to them. White privilege is a joke, just poor people living together.

The second comedian, Dana Carvey is sitting with Norm Macdonald, says he got labeled as a racist over his jokes. Well, that’s funny because he’s a straight white male, so that all of a sudden means he’s a racist, sexist, etc-ist. Carvey says they ignored his most awful joke which was referencing the terrible things his ancestors did, and Carvey says well, at least they were busy.


Of course it’s Dana Carvey making a bad joke about a bad time in history, but IT’S JUST A JOKE.

It was funny when he said he’s an old white guy with extra money.

The next guy, the late great Patrice O’Neal, jokes around about if Black folks went sailing, the authorities wouldn’t look for them too long, so he’ll wear a white baby on a keychain and dress it up real nice. That way if anything happens to him, the police will save the white baby and he’ll be there too! This comedian takes a different approach and he’s right too. But is that white privs or just people being d-cks? I really miss Patrice. He was a great guest on the classic Opie and Anthony show.

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Bill Burr points out that someone thought white people could do anything they want, but he reminds people that a lot of white folks are living miserable lives in a cubicle, drowning in debt, and trying to get half decent health coverage – not all living on yachts chatting with Kennedys.

The whole video is great because comedians of all ages and color are just absolutely making fun of white privilege and that’s exactly what we should be doing.

White privilege is a joke.

I’m white, where’s my Ferrari and where’s my ability to walk into any business and get a job and where is my spot on an NBA team?

You see, it’s just a joke that leftists came up with to use as another excuse to call people racist.

It’s stupid and the comedians used it to get some great laughs.

Make comedy great again!




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