by Frank

September 7, 2021

I don’t know about you, but CNN’s Chris Cillizza has two tweets from the last few days that got people confused and wondering what’s going on in that head of his.

Here’s one tweet showing a massive crowd at a football game when they partied to Jump Around by House of Pain. Chris said it was awesome. It’s a giant crowd, unmasked, no social distancing.


chris cillizza tweet

OK, so does that mean CNN’s Chris guy likes outdoor crowds that take us back to pre-covid times? Or does he just think this whole video passed the vibe check and was awesome in general. No idea.

Here’s another tweet by Chris that shows a story on why we can’t beat Covid and it shows a crowd as the featured pic. The article mentions the big Sturgis bike event and kinda links it to a surge in Covid.


Either way, it’s a big outdoor crowd just like the football stadium. Outside, close together, lack of masks – almost the same thing except one has bikes and another has footballs.


So what’s the difference? One has a stadium packed with people, the other is people in the streets with motorcycles. They’re all outdoors. They’re all in big crowds. I don’t even see a mask in sight. I don’t get how these are very much different except for maybe the age group, but that’s about it.

Here's some stupid ads. I don't care if you click on them or not. They're probably bullsh-t anyway.

Does CNN’s Chris Cillizza only like big crowds when it’s a college football game?

It’s a really confusing pair of tweets for a guy from CNN to post.

Then again, Chris Cillizza made a weird video about Melania Trump, so I guess this is normal for him.

At one point it feels like he’s shaming a big crowd, but then supporting it too.

So what’s it gonna be, Mr. Chris Cillizza at CNN?

I asked him, but I don’t think I’ll get a reply.




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