by Frank

December 8, 2020

Leave it to the Majority Whip James Clyburn to go right on CNN and accuse President Trump of an attempted coup on Joe Biden And of course, this was on CNN with New Day host, John Berman, who probably got all hot and bothered the moment Clyburn spoke against the president.

Berman asked Clyburnabout the current situation with President Donald Trump and his legal battles in hopes to get the election results turned in his favor. Clyburn let it all hang out when he said this was “an attempt to overthrow our government” and also said “this is an attempted coup” – and he had no problem saying it right on CNN, because where else would the accuse a president of a coup against an incoming president?

It’s odd that Clyburn is saying this considering the impeachment of Trump and the attempts to get him out of office as a sitting president.

Joe Biden hasn’t been inaugurated yet and Trump is still fighting the results of the election. So is it technically a coup on Biden if Biden is not actually the president yet? You know, gotta throw all the technicalities out there, right?

Here’s the interview with CNN New Day and Rep. Clyburn if you want to throw up in your mouth listening to him talk.





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