by Frank

December 31, 2020

Congressman-elect for NC-11, Madison Cawthorn, released a scathing video explaining why he plans to object to the results of the 2020 election.

He posted the following message on Twitter, saying “This is why I am OBJECTING to the 2020 election results. The right to vote in a free and fair election is the cornerstone of our Republic. Attempts to undermine this strike at the very heart of a representative government “of, by, and for the People.” I will not be silent.

However, Cawthorn has been known to backtrack on previous comments. Just this week he already suggested that he regretted mocking liberals in a previous tweet, according to a report on CNN where Cawthorn’s response was documented:

Republican Rep.-elect Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina says he “absolutely” regrets posting a tweet mocking liberals just after he was elected last month.

Cawthorn, who is set to become the youngest member of Congress in modern history when he’s sworn in Sunday, wrote in a tweet on November 3: “Cry more, lib.”
“It was targeted more at this kind of cancel culture and really the extremes on both ends,” he told CNN in an interview before Christmas. Asked if he wishes he could take the remark back, he replied: “Oh, absolutely.”

WATCH Madison Cawthorn’s video about objecting the results of the 2020 election:




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