by Frank

September 29, 2021

Here’s something you should not try at home. This guy catches a gator in a trash can and dude is only wearing flip flops and socks.

He corners the gator and pushes the can towards it, sideways, in hopes the gator will crawl in. At first, the gator does not crawl in. It kept backing up, so at one point the man drops the lid and it boops the gator on the head. That’s when he gives the can a good push and the gator is partially in the can.

Now it’s just a matter of lifting the can upright and holding that lid closed very tight. What do they do next? Well, I have no idea!! In my opinion they should have called a professional. One wrong move and that guy could have lost a flip flop with a foot on it.

If something bad happened, then it would have been a typical ‘Florida Man’ story where he ends up wrestling the gator while not wearing clothes, then walking it to a liquor store to buy some drinks for lunch and they end up best friends and rob a bank, then get caught and go to jail together.





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