by Frank

September 3, 2021

These giant friendly rodents are taking over a suburb and some of the rich uppity people are mad about it. The area is called Nordelta and here’s the details on that: “Nordelta is a 1,600 hectare (3,950 acre) luxury private urban complex built on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, on a wetland from the Parana river that is the capybara’s natural habitat.”

Funny thing is, the people who built this neighborhood 20 years ago should have known this would happen because they built on the wetland, which is where these rodents were the entire time. They literally built their home on top of where the giant rodents live. Duh. That was dumb.

As the builders took over some of the land, the rodents would move to a spot that’s open. But now the builders have taken one of the last few remaining spots and now the rodents don’t really have much space left, so they’re roaming around the neighborhoods, eating grass, and getting selfies with people.

They’re called capybara and they are the “largest rodent in the world and can measure up to 1.35 meters (53 inches) in length and reach 80 kilograms (176 pounds) in weight.”

Holy crap. Imagine a 176 lb rodent hanging out in your front yard? Or even an entire pack of them? That would be awesome, it’s like a free lawn mower.


Either way, some of the people who live there are getting mad. Others think it’s great as the animals are known to be mostly friendly and they just walk around eating grass.

There’s not many predators there to scare them away because real estate development pretty much pushed any of those animals out of the area.

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