by Frank

August 19, 2021

It was a harrowing several hours, but the man who made bomb threats and sat in his truck recording videos has surrendered and been taken into police custody without resisting arrest.

The suspect is Floyd Ray Roseberry and his bomb threat prompted the evacuation of several buildings, including the Supreme Court. His truck was located outside of the Library of Congress at Capitol Hill.

He posted numerous videos, calling out President Joe Biden. The suspect also said his truck had bombs in it and if anyone shot the windows, then it would “pop” – but many speculate that wouldn’t have happened because it doesn’t seem like breaking a window would spark an explosion unless the bomb was struck by the projectile.

Reports from CNBC detailed the surrender and aftermath:

“He got out of the vehicle and surrendered, and the tactical units that were close by took him into custody without incident,” U.S. Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger said about the 49-year-old Roseberry.

“He gave up and did not resist,” Manger said. “As far as we could tell it was just his decision to surrender at that point.”

Black Lives Matter will probably complain that he was taken peacefully into custody, completely forgetting the fact that he surrendered without resisting and that’s the major difference. If you resist arrest, then someone is likely to get hurt and it will most likely be the suspect instead of the police.

That should be common sense at this point, but of course, racial talking points and protesters won’t allow common sense to prevail if there’s skin color involved in a police situation.


“We don’t know if there are any explosives in the vehicle. It is still an active scene,” Manger said. “It will take hours. Hours to assess the scene.”

Manger said there was a propane gas container in his black pick-up truck.

But, the chief added, “At this point we think that’s safe.”

So there’s a possibility there might not be any explosives? Well, if there’s a propane tank, that’s certainly considered dangerous, but it likely won’t destroy several city blocks. I do know, from experience, not to walk into a store with an empty container to exchange them. The stores make you exchange them outside because they’re explosive – even when they’re empty, there’s likely a little bit left inside and it’s a safety precaution.

Manger also said, “Right now we have no indication that he was acting with anyone else, but that is part of the ongoing investigation.”

Roseberry, who most recently lived in Grover, North Carolina posted several videos on Facebook from his truck in the hours before he surrendered, asking President Joe Biden to “send someone out here to talk to me,” and calling for attacks on the Taliban in Afghanistan.

What is going on in the suspect’s life that he’s so desperate to get himself arrested and possibly shot – that he’s doing bomb threats from his truck at the Capitol?

Here are two videos from the suspect and one video showing him surrendering.

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