by Frank

December 26, 2020

CBS News reports that a person or persons of interest has been identified in relation to the Nashville explosion that happened on Christmas Day.

It was Chief Justice and Homeland Security Correspondent Jeff Pegues, of CBS News, who posted the following message on Twitter to notify the public that someone, or several people, have been identified. He said, “CBS News has learned that #police have a person of interest or persons of interest in connection with the #explosion that rocked #Nashville on #ChristmasDay.”

However, while the authorities have made progress on a possible suspect, or suspects, they have not released that information to the public. They are only saying that they have identified people who might be responsible.

Of course, if they were to release their names, and they turned out to be not responsible, that would cause damage to their reputations for no reason.

Rest assured, authorities are working diligently to identify the suspects and ensure they have the right people before making the announcements any further.

The explosion happened on Christmas day in downtown Nashville, wiping out windows and sending at least three people to the hospital with injuries.


There are multiple videos catching the explosion on film, such as the one below captured by a Nest video camera.




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