by Frank

July 17, 2021

A Fox News panel had a hay-day when GOP Senator Marco Rubio showed up to scold Black Lives Matter  (BLM).

BLM had expressed support for Cuban leadership during this time of turmoil as their people protests in the streets for basic rights. The Cuban leadership doesn’t seem to care and even cut off their Internet, dismantling a major line of communication between Cuban residents and people anywhere else in the world.

BLM appeared to shame America for the embargo, despite the thousands of protesters in the streets who just want some good old fashioned freedom! What is BLM doing to defend them from their leadership?

Here’s what BLM wrote on Instagramblm cuba statement blm 2blm 3

Later, Sen. Marco Rubio appears on Fox News and you can tell he’s heated. He lays right into Black Lives Matter when asked about how they condemned the United States economic embargo on Cuba, rather than calling out the leadership for not giving their people what they want.

Rubio scolded BLM and mocked them as a Ponzi scheme and frauds who shake down corporations.


WATCH Marco Rubio slam BLM:

Here’s what Rubio said, in fuller context:

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“The only reason why I even address Black Lives Matter… they have shaken down multiple U.S. Corporations to the tune of millions and millions of dollars that then they use for their leader, a trained Marxist as she called herself, to go out and spend money on a spa resort and actually bought herself a multimillion dollar home. They are Charlatans, they are a Ponzi scheme, they are a fraud. So that’s the only reason I care about them is because they’ve shaken down and continue to shake down corporations.”

Wow! Marco Rubio went there. He did not stop, not one bit… Rubio touched on the embargo that BLM was talking about.

Rubio said (transcript from his website):

“In the case of the embargo, the only embargo on Cuba is the one that the Cuban government has imposed on its own people. Do you know who the number one food exporter to Cuba is? The United States of America. Do you know that we send over $200 million a year in medicine and humanitarian supplies? Did you know that over $3 billion, which is a significant percentage of their overall economy, are remittances from Cuban Americans to their family members?

“The Cuban government will not allow a Cuban to open a business. You can’t open a hardware store in Cuba – they won’t let you. Fishermen can’t sell their fish to people in Cuba. Farmers can’t sell their food. They are the ones that have an embargo against their own people. If they allow their people to open businesses, there’s nothing in the law that prohibits us from being able to do business with independent people. What you can’t do business with is a military owned company that controls that revenue and then uses it to repress people.”

It’s unclear if these bits of information are fully accurate, particularly the bits about Cubans not being allowed to open businesses. How does anyone get by in Cuba if they can’t open a business? Some more research might be needed to see what’s going on there. Either way, you can tell Cubans aren’t happy just by looking at how many are in the street demanding freedom.

Cubans just want some freedom. Kyle Jensen commented on this video with an improved title: “Thousands protest in Cuba against the tyrannical Communist government. Fixed it for you.”




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