by Frank

July 19, 2021

She’s done playing around.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee is now demanding that her fellow GOP associates stand up and fight the “culture war” against the radical leftist ‘woke’ agenda that is being injected into sports, entertainment, the media, and even the government it seems.

Blackburn even said that people like Taylor Swift, who simply exist in the entertainment world and really do nothing wrong, would be one of the first victims of a Marxist and socialist government if the Democrats keep going in this direction.

According to Blackburn, this means war and the battle is between the right and left for the sanity of the country.

Sen. Blackburn did an hour long interview with Breitbart and here are some of the highlights:


“The way I look at this culture war is you’ve got the left and those that are pushing towards Marxism,” Blackburn said when asked to define the sides of the culture war. “They are lined up on one side. You have those that are more constitutionalists and traditionalists who want to preserve our American values of faith, family, freedom—preserve free markets—they are on the other side.”

Blackburn told Breitbart News that faith and family are both big parts of her life—and define her political decision-making process.

The free market should always be protected. The free market doesn’t have a right or left side, it’s a succeed or don’t succeed thing where people who work hard are often rewarded for it.

Meanwhile, in California, they’ve become the first state to pass a guaranteed income program where they’ll be handing out money to people, funded by taxpayers, and it doesn’t seem like that will promote working hard.

Why work harder when you might get a government check not to?

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She said the left is using this culture war to “destroy” those same traditional values in the country, from faith to family to home.

“You know, I find it so interesting that when you look at Marxist theology, what do they say?” Blackburn said when asked what the left is after. “They want to destroy the nuclear family. What do they want to do? They want to replace it with the government. My book, which came out last fall, Mind of a Conservative Woman, I talk about in one of the chapters about The Life of Julia. Remember when Obama did the Life of Julia? Julia goes to government-provided kindergarten and school, then she has student loans provided by the government, and the Obama administration, and then she works for the government and retires with her federal pension—and she has a child along the way but there is no mention of family, there is no mention of a mother or father relationship for this child.”

The Democrats are just going further left and it’s actually disturbing how radical some of them have become.

Biological males in women’s sports and bathrooms. Protesting during sporting events. Renaming fish because they think the name “Asian Carp” might trigger racism.

We thought the participation trophies and safe spaces were bad, but I would rather have those over the nonsense we have now. It’s just getting out of control and they don’t even realize how far or extreme they’ve gone.

When it comes to saying Taylor Swift would be a victim of the far left radical agenda, Blackburn might be right! Taylor Swift is literally living the American dream, but do far left Democrats want anyone to be living the American dream? That’s the question and that’s also why Blackburn seems to think Taylor Swift would go down in a ball of fire for succeeding too much through her hard work and dedication.

Blackburn has used this term before—in interviews last year including ahead of the Republican National Convention at which she forcefully backed then-President Donald Trump for re-election—to describe the “GOP.” So has the party itself; the term appears in the 2016 Republican Party platform. But that she’s using it here, in a broader push for Republicans to define the party moving into the future as the right fights a culture war with the left, is particularly noteworthy. That very culture war she’s talking about has played itself with clips from this very interview, too, as Blackburn ribbed country-turned-pop star Taylor Swift in it—a clip of which went viral last week.

That shorter clip, released ahead of the broader interview here, shows Blackburn warning the very left-wing Democrat policies that Swift has publicly advocated for would lead to her own doom. Blackburn said if “Marxism” or “socialistic” government were actually implemented, then Swift would be the “first victim” of that. The clip went viral, sparking an eight-minute panel discussion on MSNBC and response pieces in publications as far-ranging as Billboard and Variety magazines as well as places like Mediaite, The Hill, Newsweek, and more—in addition to fierce criticism from leftist pundits like former ESPN and MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann.

In this broader interview, Blackburn had even more to say about Swift—arguing that while the superstar “had attacked me when I ran in 2018” she is a “product of the American dream.”

People who work hard should be living the American dream. That’s the whole point, right?

It’s a shame that the Democrats have swayed so far left that people are calling them out.

If the Democratic Party wants to influence the country and the culture in a good way, they need to come back towards the center a little bit.

Going too far left or right is never good and never seems to bring people to a happy medium.

I still can’t believe the Asian Carp was renamed

Things are out of hand.




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