by Frank

November 27, 2020

It’s that wonderful time of the year when people get trampled at a Walmart saving $3 on an old TV with lousy tech specs. And this year it’s gonna be different! All you Black Friday fake sale shopping junkies better have your masks on when you’re getting trampled or trampling others just to save a buck buying things no one wanted last year!

I’ll never understand the gimmick of Black Friday because half the time you think something is on sale, the store probably raised the prices a week ago, then dropped them back to normal so it looks like it’s on sale.

Even better, you’ll see a TV that looks great on the box or in person, but the facts are it’s probably the cheapest model that didn’t sell very good, so they talk it up like it’s an 8k movie quality screen, but it’s not. It’s always just whatever is decent, but not like you’re getting top notch or anything. And in most cases, you don’t need top notch televisions. But get this – you can usually get these TV’s for the same price, or better, any time of the year!

So when you think about it, are people really saving enough money that it’s worth standing in line for hours or getting bum-rushed in a crowd? And now that we’ve got this virus, is any of this a good idea at all? No, not at all. The only way around it is to call it a peaceful protest.

Just know one thing folks, I’ll be waiting for the rowdy videos as you’re out there trying to get that TV.

Make sure you yell TRENDING VIEWS when you’re in a fight at Walmart. Give us some street cred, ya heard!





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