by Frank

September 11, 2021

Show host Bill Maher got asked why he keeps targeting liberals lately, and he called out the Black national anthem and said: “because you’re embarrassing me.”

Maher slammed the Black national anthem as a form of segregation, but “under a different name.”



The HBO star made his reference to the Black national anthem because it was played before the first NFL game this year, in which the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and their ancient QB Tom Brady stomped on the Dallas Cowboys, and as an Eagles fan – that was fun to watch.

To make things right, Alicia Keys did a good rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” and that was the way it should be.

Maher said: “maybe we should get rid of our national anthem, but I think we should have one national anthem… I think when you go down a road where you’re having two different national anthems, colleges sometimes now have … many of them have different graduation ceremonies for Black and white, separate dorms. … This is what I mean: segregation. You’ve inverted the idea. We’re going back to that under a different name.”

This is darn right!

I thought we ended segregation, so why are we having two student unions, two national anthems, dorms – what’s next? Are we putting separate water fountains back in public?

We should only have ONE NATIONAL ANTHEM FOR ALL OF US TOGETHER! If you agree, then LIKE, SHARE, and COMMENT!

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