by Frank

July 24, 2021

Comedy is not dead, it’s just different.

President Joe Biden’s half-empty town hall event with CNN was mocked to the moon and back by just about anyone who saw it. We don’t know why Biden’s room was half empty. Was it health restrictions, or low attendance? We really have no idea or clarification on it.

The people are sitting next to each other and many aren’t wearing masks, so I doubt the half empty room was due to health restrictions. If it was, then wouldn’t they be sitting with an empty seat in between them? Or skipping rows and all wearing masks?

Makes you think, right?

So the room was half empty, the energy was low, and it was with CNN, so it was going to be mocked no matter what. After all, just look at their dwindling ratings and you can only imagine why Joe Biden’s town hall wasn’t a full blown banger.

But you’d think, with Joe Biden unable to draw a crowd, and CNN rating sucking so bad, that they MIGHT finally fill a room and make it at least look like 80 million people voted for this guy. But of course, CNN apparently made zero effort to fill the room or, for some reason, didn’t want it full.


Now yes, I know Joe Biden won the 2020 election and somehow got the most votes in history, but I still ask – who voted for that guy? If you’re out there, then send us your apology letter now, because you definitely picked the wrong person. You voted for the guy who’s turning into a potato over the guy who sends mean tweets? Are ya serious? You let your feelings pick a president instead of comparing both candidate’s policies? I know some people who voted for Biden just because they don’t like Trump’s personality. Now those people are the type who should never be allowed to vote again. They are participation award types who don’t deserve a vote if they can’t think clearly and put emotions aside.

But while we’re all here, let’s take a look at Joe Biden’s awful town hall in a half-empty room, followed by some of the funniest comments about it! I screenshot the comments just in case the person ends up deleting it. We cannot have them delete their great comments on us, no way!

Here’s the video:

Here's some stupid ads. I don't care if you click on them or not. They're probably bullsh-t anyway.

Here are the comments to win the Internet! I left out people’s last names just for privacy, but the comment is on YouTube and I am pretty sure they don’t give a giraffe’s butt if it’s posted, but you know, decency or something…

Robbo2006 d: “This clown is giving dementia a bad name.”

Christopher: “Biden couldn’t fill a glass with water under Niagara Falls. Let alone a Town Hall Meeting . Trump 2024.”

Dan: “I couldn’t imagine anything more boring than watching Joe Biden on the Communist News Network.”

Preston: “Just like his campaign rallies. Biden is a fraud.”

Some Ukrainian or Russian name I couldn’t read: “Biden is clearly out of his mind, the only reason one would want to become eyewitness of this is to take a good laugh”

buddhabigb: “Not a covid issue..Because all the people where filled side by side into the front half of auditorium to make it look filled for CNN.”

Chad: “He’s speaking to his non existent voters that somehow voted for him.”

Zaur: “The empty seats are signifying all the absentee voters that’s all…”

Mrs. Hercule: “I am so grateful to Sky News. As an American who wants honest reporting this is the place to be.”

NM: “These empty chairs shows that Biden democrat party was not fit to rule the great America.”

LT Brutus: “Audience:- “We were all PAID by CNN to be here to suffer hearing this “Presidential” CLOWN.””

Axel: “I think I know why everyone is insisting to wear masks now… They want to hide their shame.”

Hank: “Trump gets more people watching him leave Trump Tower.”

Whispering Sniffy Biden: “No rules for me, but rules for thee. Now that’s a privilege.” -Joe Biden CNN FAKE NEWS town hall.”

Armyvet: “Watching Biden is like watching my toilet flush, over and over.”

Gerardo: “”Most popular President in the history of the United States””

Brandon: “Love how CNN is finally being called out and can’t censor this anymore.”

Lane: “Much easier stuffing the ballet box than showing up for a couple hours to support the vegetable!”

Bob: “And the majority of media continue the protection of this fake President.”

Paul: “He filled his depends more than he filled the room!”

We could go on and on, but now we want to know YOUR comments on Joe Biden’s terrible town hall with CNN.

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