by Frank

July 19, 2021

Republican Sen. Mike Lee targeted President Joe Biden’s circuit judge nominee, Myrna Perez.

Lee said comments made by Perez, targeting the GOP voting reforms, were an insult to people who lead and participated in the Civil Rights Movement.

Perez claimed that the GOP voting reforms were the “biggest voting rights rollback since the Jim Crow era” but she doesn’t seem to know anyone in particular who would be limited by the reforms.

This isn’t the first time Myrna Perez made comments like this.

She was doing it back in 2016 as well when she wrote a blog post on Sojourners.


In that post, she targeted voter ID and made a Jim Crow comment to start it off.

She wrote back then:

Since the 2010 election, 21 states have instituted new voting restrictions—the biggest rollback of the right to vote since the Jim Crow era. This year will be the first presidential election with many of these new barriers in place, from requiring photo identification (which millions of Americans do not have) to curtailing early voting (which many citizens depend on to cast their ballots). On top of this, voters will go to the polls in November with the fewest federal protections against racial discrimination in half a century, due to a 2013 Supreme Court decision gutting a key provision of the Voting Rights Act.

One of the most frustrating examples comes from my home state of Texas. After numerous failed legislative attempts, and amid procedural irregularities and dramatic Latino population growth in the state, the Texas legislature in 2011 passed the country’s strictest photo ID law, requiring specific types of photo ID to vote. The law was crafted with surgical precision. For instance, voters can use a concealed gun license as proof of identification, but not a student ID card, even from a state university. All told, more than 600,000 registered Texas voters do not have the kind of ID now required to cast a ballot.

I cannot entertain this because of how easy it is to get an ID and to suggest people can’t figure it out on their own is just insulting to them.

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The 2024 election is a few years away. If voter ID was a mandatory requirement as of today, that would give them plenty of time to ensure everyone who actually couldn’t figure out how to get an ID – got an ID.

Democrats in California approved giving people money for free, so why not hand out ID’s too?

Why are Democrats against voter ID so much? If anything, it helps fortify the election process even more.




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