by Frank

August 4, 2021

President Joe Biden was asked straight up if disgraced Democrat Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, should resign amid the accusations and damning investigative report led by the NY attorney general.

The report finds the women who accused Cuomo to be credible and the details of the report were quite disturbing. The allegations include unwanted touching, sick comments, and the list goes on. Cuomo later denied he touched anyone inappropriately and did not resign.

When Joe Biden was asked about it, it was like his brain started working right and the common sense kicked in! Joe Biden said YES, Cuomo should resign!! Well, I’ll be darned. There’s hope for Ol’ Joe! WATCH the reporter look Biden straight in the face and hit him with the hard question – and better yet, Biden calling for the Democrat disgrace to resign!!!

Heck yeah, Joe Biden! You got one right! This is great!!

This doesn’t excuse the inflation or border problems, but at least Joe Biden used some common sense and understood that defending a sleaze-ball like Cuomo would be a very, very, bad look.


One woman defended Cuomo with the dumbest statement I have ever heard. She was acting like it was the women who were swooning over Cuomo, causing him to flirt.

OK, I’m sorry, but Gov. Andrew Cuomo is no Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt and the Governor has a personality so bad that his voice sounds like diarrhea hitting the back-wall of a public toilet stall when you can’t hold it in any longer.

I just can’t picture anyone swooning over this guy unless they’re desperate. I’m sure there’s people out there who might like him, but my goodness – any desperate woman can walk into a bar and leave with a boyfriend in 10 minutes. No one needs to be “swooning” over a Democrat governor who now faces multiple allegations of harassing women.

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Allegations that an investigation deemed the alleged victims to be credible and their stories to check out.

So what’s Cuomo going to do? Well, he’s already a day late on resignation. He better hurry up and get his butt out of that governor seat.

We don’t need him. New Yorkers don’t need him. Nursing homes don’t need him. And I am 110% his alleged victims most definitely want him to resign because they deserve to see him lose that cozy job.

As soon as Cuomo is out, everyone with common sense will be cheering!

Maybe he can go hang out with Bill Cosby one day, they can exchange horror stories about the lives they allegedly ruined.

Meanwhile, there’s already a demand to impeach Joe Biden.




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