by Frank

August 26, 2020

What happens when you’re a washed up entertainer who’s on Twitter trying to be relevant and making practically racist jokes about the First Lady Melania Trump? Well, you’re name might be Bette Midler and you may have just got wrecked in your own comments after the statement she made.

Midler must have been watching Melania Trump give her speech during the RNC and that’s when she posted one of her dumbest tweets yet. She said, “Oh, God. She still can’t speak English.

Let’s examine this for a second. Melania is from another country and Midler just made fun of her for not speaking English? For starters, Melania Trump speaks five languages. Second, if Roseanne Barr said this about an immigrant, she’d be kicked off her show and canceled every way from here to Jipip, like my grandmother used to say.

But then again, Bette Midler has been irrelevant for so long that there’s literally nothing left to cancel.

Leave it to the most wonderful place on the planet to single-handedly crush Bette Midler, and that place is obviously the comment section or reply spot on social media.

It just cracks me up that we have these uber elite liberals who say whatever they want, but if someone who’s not a total left-wing nutcase said it – they’d be barking a them like dogs.


And now for the fun part!

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