by Frank

December 11, 2020

Dave Portnoy from Barstool Sports has one big message to all the politicians out there. He says that “politicians are stealing the basic right to earn a living” and a few more things as well.

Here’s a bunch of his quotes and the video is below from el presidente himself. Also, he now lives in my town, so maybe I’ll run into him and get round two of this video or see what he says about my local pizza shop.

Here’s a bunch of solid quotes from Dave Portnoy’s video trashing politicians, who deserve to be trashed anyway, because they’re just slimy people to begin with. Every lifetime politician out there who makes a living by not getting much done is just a dirt-bag to me, and they should be to you. What other job can you be in office for like 50 years making a six figure salary while the people in your area live in the slums. You must be a politician to achieve that goal.

Now here’s the quotes:

“New York City just closed indoor dining… What do they think is going to happen? What do they think is going to happen to the thousands of restaurants, the bars?  They’re done! The bar and restaurant industry, small businesses, have been squeezed and squeezed and squeezed.”

“They’ve been as creative as possible. They’ve got the outdoor dining, The structures they’ve had to build on their own dime. You have the glass in between the mask… You have the 6 feet of separation, the fewer tables. They’ve been as creative as you can be to save their livelihoods, to save what they spent decades of blood, sweat, and tears building. They’ve done whatever, they scratched and clawed. And now, a few politicians in New York City is like, ‘You’re done! We’re shutting it down!’ No indoor dining.’  How do you expect these people to survive? Are people going to go out to dinner in ice-cold temperatures? It’s insanity!”


“Listen, the vaccine is right around the corner, if your health is impaired, you’re afraid of it, you’re old, don’t go out. Stay inside for three months. The vaccine is coming, but let people decide.”

“I can’t believe, in this country, what I consider the most basic right of them all, the right to earn a living, the right to earn a livelihood is now being stolen, it is being stolen by a few politicians who believe they are smarter than me and you… They believe they have the right to tell me and you how to live our lives. Something you could never imagine. Basic freedoms they are stealing it. And I’m not over saying it, they are stealing it, and they’re saying they’re protecting us. Let us protect ourselves.”

“You’re not protecting a family that you just destroyed. These people aren’t getting their livelihoods back. As I’ve said 1 million times, if I started barstool, worked my d–k to the bone for a decade and I got right to the point of making it and you pull the plug without me having the chance, I would rather die.”

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Can the man be any more clear than that?




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