by Frank

December 5, 2020

A bar owner in Los Angeles, CA is absolutely mad and letting everyone know. She’s calling out Mayor Garcetti and accused the mayor of allowing a movie company to open right across from her bar which was shut down because of the pandemic.

What appears to have set her off on this vicious tirade calling out the Mayor was that her bar had an outdoor eating area and so does the alleged movie company.

To make matters worse, they are literally right by each other. You can throw a nickel back and forth and have a catch with people eating at both locations.

One of her major points is asking how is one of them safe, but the other not safe? If both are outdoors and taking part in cleaning, social distancing, and wearing masks when they can, then what else can people really do besides stay home?

And if one is open, then should the other be open? Or should they both be closed?

Keep in mind – I do not know what the name of the movie company or what Garcetti’s involvement or approvals might be. The bar owner also calls out Governor Gavin Newsom.


This is her message as posted by musician Jake Coco and we’re sharing it.




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