by Frank

October 2, 2021

The Progressive Democrat wombats want a $3.5 trillion spending bill, but guys like Sen. Joe Manchin, who’s also a Democrat, want the limit set around $1.5 trillion instead. You know, maybe saving the country some money or maybe cutting out things we don’t need.

I have no idea what’s even in the whopping $3.5 trillion bill, but I can almost guarantee that Democrats slipped a few head-shakers and eyebrow-raising “what the heck is that for” pet projects that we don’t actually need. I feel that way because it’s the Democrat way of life. They promise one thing that sounds cool the surround it with nonsense. You know, like giving the Kennedy Center a $25 million grant just before they furlough musicians. Because you know, what was that money even for besides sending people home.

So now that former bartender who looks hot in a “tax the rich” dress is mocking guys like Manchin who don’t want to spend as much. Sure, she pulled off that statement dress at a bougie event because she was probably a cutie bartender and she’s used to working for tips – but that doesn’t mean she’s got a clue about politics. It’s like asking a brain surgeon to change your oil – you just ain’t gonna do that. So here we are with AOC mocking other Democrats and it just gets glorious.


So you know I ain’t kidding, here’s what Politico reported:


Senate Democrats spun away Manchin’s utter rejection of their $3.5 trillion spending dreams and embrace of a $1.5 trillion plan as a positive development, saying that it offered them a path forward for negotiation on a potential deal. When that deal will come to fruition, however, is anyone’s guess.

And that still leaves some Democrats pretty sour about the whole affair, as progressive aspirations face their second major setback. Their original goal was $6 trillion earlier this year, which slipped to $3.5 trillion this summer and could now drop by more than half.

“I could see myself coming below $3.5 trillion but we shall see how far $1.5 trillion goes,” said Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii). “He’s confirmed that’s as far as he’ll go, which is pretty sad if you ask me.”




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