by Frank

December 22, 2020

Antonio Sabato Jr. is launching a conservative film company called ConFlix aimed to produce movies that “support our country” as stated on The Kyle Olson show.

Sabato Jr.’s career is spread across 30 years, mostly known for swooning fans of shows like General Hospital and The Bold and the Beautiful. However, his latest endeavor of producing movies for a conservative audience might be his biggest battle if his movies do not resonate with people on the other side of politics, which could make his success story just a little bit harder.

The actor told Olson this week that “we are patriots who want to keep going and support our country, support our law enforcement, support the history of our country, the Constitution, the flag, our soldiers, and so much more.”

Olson further reported on what the first movie will be, and make no mistake – it’s a God fighting evil western that includes some notable names you might recognize from Twitter and other works.

ConFlix’s first project is Trail Blazers, a film he said is a western where God is fighting evil. Well-known conservative actors Scott Baio, Kevin Sorbo, Kristy Swanson, Stacey Dash, Dean Cain, Robert Wagner, and Deana Martin will star in the film, according to the company’s website.

Sabato Jr. said conservative entertainment consumers are “eagerly waiting for something new” and produce projects that “support our country, support our God, support our flag.”

He said he wants to make “movies about what happened to our president. Who’s going to do it if we don’t do it?”

Fox Business reported on Sabato Jr.’s new company back in July, and the actor stated that he was “blacklisted” from Hollywood because of his political ties and support for President Donald Trump. At one point he spoke at the Republican National Convention back in 2016, and shortly after is when he felt the effects of the “blacklist” in which some Hollywood companies might have strayed away from Sabato Jr. for jobs because they didn’t want the political connection to turn people off.

However, the same Hollywood has no problem creating “woke” content that turns off the other half of the country, so perhaps Sabato Jr.’s company will counter that.





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