by Frank

August 4, 2021

Greg Gutfeld starts a segment with a hilarious video showing Governor Andrew Cuomo to former President Bill Clinton – as both of them suggesting they are innocent.

Gov. Cuomo says he never touched anyone inappropriately, just like Bill Clinton said he didn’t have relations with Monica Lewinsky.

After the joke intro, Gutfeld went into the ammo shortage situation and reacted to it. Of course, he makes more jokes about Cuomo during this, like saying a female staffer running from Cuomo.

WATCH the hilarious video:

The ammo shortage Gutfeld and the panel react to is caused by record gun sales that are causing an ammo shortage. A rise in violence across the country, mainly in Democrat cities, is causing some people to buy weapons for protection.


NY Post reported on the ammo shortage, stating the following:

Ammunition is reportedly flying off of shelves across the country as anxious Americans — who purchased a record number of firearms during the pandemic — lock and load up in response to social unrest and an increase in violence.

The shortage is now impacting law enforcement agencies, The Associated Press reported, as ammunition shelves are bare despite manufacturers saying they are producing as much as they can.

Not a good sign if law enforcement is being impacted. Hopefully more ammo can be manufactured and provided to the people who need it for work.

The report continued:

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“We have had a number of firearms instructors cancel their registration to our courses because their agency was short on ammo or they were unable to find ammo to purchase,” Jason Wuestenberg, executive director of the National Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Association, told the AP.

Doug Tangen, firearms instructor at the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission, said the academy also has had trouble obtaining ammo.

“A few months ago, we were at a point where our shelves were nearly empty of 9mm ammunition,” he told the AP.

So where is all the ammo going? Are American citizens buying it for protection? Are criminals buying it? Is it just running low because we can’t produce it fast enough?

Well, the numbers provided by AP were quite huge. That part of the report stated: “The National Shooting Sports Foundation says more than 50 million people participate in shooting sports in the US and estimates that 20 million guns were sold last year, with 8 million of those sales made by first-time buyers, the AP reported.”

This is where it gets even more interesting. The FBI chimes in with some statistics. However, a background check can be done once and a person can buy several guns at once if they wanted to which means the number of gun sales could be higher than we think. And of course, there’s really no way of telling who’s buying one on the street in an unrecorded, unchecked, NOT law-abiding way.

The FBI has also reported a record number of background checks for gun purchasers. In 2010, there were 14.4 million background checks for gun purchases; that number rose to 39.7 million in 2021, and is already up to 22.2 million through June 2021, the AP reported.

Why do people buy guns? Well, because they can. Some buy it for sport, hunting, protection if they live in a secluded area or a bad neighborhood.

People buy them when they don’t feel safe or there’s chaos in their area. Some people just like them.

You have to remember, it’s the people breaking the law that lawmakers need to worry about. Criminals don’t follow laws, so making new laws doesn’t really matter.

Finding a way to get people to follow the current laws is the challenge, but it seems like that’s a personal responsibility we have on ourselves.

It’s up to US to do that.




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