A Twitter user named LiberalDogMom claims she put her dog down for testing positive for Omicron and people are having a hard time deciding if she seriously did this. Upon looking at her account, it seems like she's running a parody account.

Here's the dog post she made. It's terrible. She posted: "Vet confirmed the worst. Ruth tested positive for omicron. I made the decision to have her put down. I loved her but no way was I going to let her infect me and possibly kill me! Rest In Peace, little girl."

dog killer.jpg

If this isn't parody, then unfortunately it could be the most sad anti-Trump person we have ever seen. For the dog's sake, we hope this is truly satire.

Some of the other posts she made were saying things like the following, mostly anti-Trump and in support of Democrats and mandates:

"#LetsGoBrandonReallyMeans you’re a racist fascist bigoted homophobic PIECE OF CRAP! Biden is building back better and you haters are jealous he’s doing so well!"

"It was the best day of my life. My 3 year old was born during Trump’s presidency. When she heard Biden won she said “grandma now I can finally see how good this country can be” And I broke into tears of joy. #ThankYouBrandon"

"Praying we can get to 100% eventually. All we need are some leaders to WAKE UP and make some mandates ASAP!"

"So uhh here's the thing. I f-cking hate Trump. He embarrasses me everyday, he makes us all look like backwards idiots, and frankly the fact that he got elected means that we probably are all backwards idiots. He’s ruining peoples lives. He’s making horrible racist decisions."

"Many Neo Nazi fascists have recently found my Twitter and are attacking me. Just know I am in contact with my attorney and we will try to take legal action for the horrible things said to me. Don’t hate because Biden is so great!"

"Because that POS Trump deserved it and Biden is a hero saving this country and doesn’t deserve ANY if this criticism!!"

"Instead of Santa we should have Fauci Claus deliver presents to all the vaccinated kids while his elfs lock up the unvaccinated ones."

"Since my grandkids are unvaccinated brats who deserve no presents, I decided to treat the dogs this year. They are going to have such a nice Christmas!"

"I am so angry right now. THIS CALLER NEEDS TO BE IDENTIFIED AND FINE/JAILED ASAP! Way to ruin Christmas by insulting the greatest President of all time, a-hole." (in reference to the Dad who tricked Joe Biden into saying "Let's Go Brandon."