There's a new trend on Twitter and people are searching Google and DuckDuckGo to figure out what it means.

The term "Blue Anon" appears to be the left wing version of "Q Anon."

Q Anon is a right wing conspiracy group who peddles kinda dumb things.

That means Blue Anon is the left wing conspiracy group who peddles kinda dumb things.

Either way, they represent the extreme right and left.

There's also a possibility that Blue Anon was created by right wingers as a joke to make a meme out of the far left.

However, there's been some controversy because Google does not have it ranked on page one for "blue anon" and Urban Dictionary appeared to censor the word "Blue Anon."

One should know the Google rankings are never a definite and Google does not have to rank the site if none of the technical metrics add up. There's actually other things called Blue Anon that are related to winter sports that would and should rank higher.

DuckDuckGo reveals this website about Blue-Anon, but Google didn't make it appear on page one. Now keep in mind, that may be because the site hasn't been submitted to Google, or no one links to it - meaning how would Google know it exists if no one is pointing to it?

And you should also know that Google did NOT ban the domain, because you can type it in on Google and it shows it to you right away. Anyone saying it's banned from Google just doesn't know anything about Google, and unfortunately, that's just about all of us because the ranking algo's change nonstop and we're always working on unraveling the mystery of it.

If the person who runs the site submitted it to DuckDuckGo in some way, then perhaps it got ranked a little bit faster. Maybe Duck Duck Go uses different metrics, but I'll certainly check them out now.

At the end of the day, it's just a joke, so who cares?

We need to make the Internet funny again.

i dont care who cares GIF by Look Human