At least one Georgia State Trooper held his ground this week and offered a lesson in valuable respect for others. He was working at a Black Lives Matter protest located in Hartwell, Georgia, and that’s when Trooper O’Neal Saddler decided he wasn’t going to take a knee.

When protesters confronted him on it, he told them he still respects their cause and he’s working hard to keep everyone safe, but that he only takes a knee for one person.

Meanwhile, someone caught the incident on video and it turns out that both the State Trooper and the protesters have gained mutual respect for each other.

This is because they had a peaceful conversation over it and not a confrontational conversation where people are screaming and hollering and not actively listening to each other.

This is proof that not all protesters are hateful towards police, and not all police are hateful towards protesters. However, spend one minute on the mainstream media and we might get a different story.

This is the type of video that more people need to see, but it won’t get that many clicks or shares, so mainstream likely spends little time on it.

Will you share it? Will you help share the peaceful videos that are out there and help us let people know that not everyone is a lunatic?

Watch the video of the State Trooper telling protesters he only takes a knee for one person (you know who it is).

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