Talk about being shady! It was courtesy of CBS News’ senior foreign correspondent, Elizabeth Palmer, who visited the crash site in Tehran to relay the message that Iranians have literally “scrubbed” the area, removing most of the debris, before official outside investigators could arrive. Not only that, but most of the people clearing it out might have been “scavengers” looking for things to take. Not only that, but she and her team were more or less ushered out of the area by Iranian security, per a CBS News report.

CBS News senior foreign correspondent Elizabeth Palmer was able Friday to briefly view the site in Tehran where the Ukrainian plane crashed two days earlier, before Iranian security officials compelled her team to leave. She said very little debris was left from the early Wednesday morning crash and there were people — not officials but apparent scavengers — poring over the scene looking for pieces to take away.

It gets more interesting. Breitbart reporter John Hayward did some digging of his own and found photographs of the Ukrainian plane crash site in Tehran being cleared out, by actual bulldozers. I am 99.9% certain those bulldozers aren’t being driven by scavengers. That’s like a homeless guy in California owning a bulldozer – doesn’t make sense, right?

While CBS primarily complained about “scavengers” randomly plucking debris from the site and highlighted the inexplicable lack of security, U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell called the Iranian regime out for deliberately destroying evidence, linking to German-language reports about bulldozers on the scene:

This is like someone committing a crime and cleaning the evidence before the detectives get there. We see this in fictional movies and shows all the time, but here we are possibly watching it in real life.

What was the rush to clean it up before investigators arrived?

Iran will likely deny they shot down the passenger plane, but intelligence reports suggest otherwise.

Hayward touched on that, pointing out specifics such as what type of weapon they believe took out the plane.

Intelligence agencies around the world announced on Thursday that the plane was very likely destroyed by an Iranian surface-to-air missile, specifically a Russian-built SA-15. U.S. officials implied satellite intelligence helped them reach this determination quickly. Some video footage leaked out of Iran appears to show an object rising rapidly from the ground and impacting the plane, causing it to burst into flames. The regime in Tehran continues to insist the plane crashed due to a mysterious mechanical failure.

Iran most likely took down the passenger plane by accident. During a time like that, all planes should have been grounded until further notice to prevent something like this from happening.

Democrats have said this is Trump’s fault for escalating the situation with Iran. Instead of standing united with America, there are Democrats who appear to be siding with Iran just to go against Trump.