I can't stop laughing. A contributing editor from The Daily Beast, Justin Baragona, accused Tucker Carlson's producers of adding "googly eyes" to Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Turns out the accusation was incorrect and those were AOC's real eyes.

And in a really funny turn of events, Baragona owned up to it and laughed about it himself, taking the "L" with some dignity. And to be honest, this was a really funny mix up and no one should be ashamed of making an honest mistake. A lot of people probably thought the same thing when they saw her pic!

Baragona wrote a response after finding out that AOC's pic was real. He said, "Taking down this tweet as the image of AOC has been out there since at least May 2018. Anyway, I'll take the L and the addition to the list @SirajAHashmi."

Here's the pic:


And "the list" is what Siraj Hashmi adds people to when they make really bad tweets. The List does not care, The List comes for all! He responded to Justin's post, saying "I respect this."

Don't hate on Baragona. He's one of the good ones out there who has the balls to own up to a bad tweet and crack some jokes about it. That's respect.