Tucker Carlson did a quick segment on the relationship of Joe and Jill Biden. Tucker uses quite a bit of sarcasm in his monologue on Jill and Joe, saying quite a few odd things that you should just hear for yourself.

Tucker even says that Jill Biden is not Joe's nurse. Well, she is a doctor though, right? (this is the part where you laugh a little bit and your coffee flies out your nostrils.)

WATCH and listen to Tucker Carlson's rant on the Biden's relationship:

Look folks, I don't give a darn what anyone thinks about the Joe and Jill Biden relationship. I don't care about Tucker Carlson's rant on the Bidens. I don't care about much of anything except for one thing.

WHERE IS MY $2,000 AT JOE BIDEN!!!??? Or maybe it's $1,400, I lost track of the free money stimulus that people promised and still haven't delivered.

Meanwhile, people are still unemployed, Texas is frozen and Elsa can't save them, and I just pounded 24 ounces of coffee from Wawa and my colon is about to wreck the nearest toilet.

I'll get back to y'all later with another story if I make it out of this restroom without breaking a sweat or one of those mythical snakes comes up from the toilet and bites me where the sun doesn't shine unless it's Tuesday and I break out of the funny farm to go streaking.

If you need something to do until I get back with another story, then consider getting yourself a Trump 2024 hat. If he runs for president in three years, then you'll already be prepared and people can't say you jumped on the bandwagon.

You don't want to be one of those bandwagon losers, do you? So get the darn hat.

And if Trump decides not to run for president, then you can send the Trump 2024 hat to a poor country or just keep it for your personal collection.