Tucker Carlson of Fox News bashed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, calling him a 'cringing little liberal' during a chat with attorney Harmeet Dhillon.

They were talking about the Supreme Court ruling on Biden's potential mandates targeting workers at large private companies, one which Supreme Court voted against - except Kavanaugh stood with the three libs in favor of mandates.


As reported: Attorney Harmeet Dhillon said she thought it was an "unfortunate" ruling "given the massive shortage that we have of healthcare workers right now in our hospitals."

That's when Carlson cut in to say, "With no help from Brett Kavanaugh, I notice. Cringing little liberal." He then quipped that he wouldn't have Dhillon respond to that comment before moving on to the question of whether democracy still exists.

The government should not have a say in people's health decisions. However, in my opinion, it's up to the business to make their own rules, and that's the beauty of running your own company.