President Donald Trump was once mocked after he suggested that someone might try to take down the George Washington and Thomas Jefferson statues. It turns out that Trump was actually right because someone actually DID take those statues down.

It was John Oliver who mocked Trump about "where does it end" with the statues. Oliver references a video asking about when it all stops and when people stop taking down statues. Trump asked if George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were next.

Here's what John Oliver said in regards to President Trump and his words about the two statues.

They weren't exactly next, but people have recently defaced and toppled the statues.

There's also video coverage or footage of the incidents in which those two statues were taken down by protesters/activists.

Here is video of the George Washington' statue being taken down.

Here is the video of Thomas Jefferson statue being taken down.

Looks like John Oliver may have to eat his words with a side dish of crow.