President Donald Trump is mocking Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, for doing his campaign events in the basement at his home in Delaware, as reported by AP.

Trump did a phone interview with Fox News and said, "I’d love to see him get out of the basement so he can speak," and that's when we tilted our heads back and laughed.

The president would like to get back to normal, where he does rallies and other campaign events, but that seems to be quite a while away as the country slowly begins to open up and return to action.

Joe Biden on the other hand often struggles with his own videos, at one point sitting in silence while his wife Jill did the talking, and it's unclear if he will emerge from the basement to leave his home for a campaign event any time soon.

The other aspect many might wonder about is the future debates. How will President Donald Trump and candidate Joe Biden debate? And, can Joe Biden handle Donald Trump at all?