One of Donald Trump's impeachment lawyers has returned to see their home vandalized after the acquittal of the former president.

The suspect/s targeted attorney Michael van der Veen's home and spray painted the word "TRAITOR" in front of his driveway.

WATCH the CBS News report on it:

ABC News reports that the suspect/s targeted van der Veen's home around 8pm on Friday, at his home in West Whiteland Township, about a half hour outside of Philaldephia.

No arrests have been made, Detective Scott Pezick of the West Whiteland Township Police Department told ABC News on Sunday afternoon. Pezick said private security has since been hired by the homeowner to protect the residence, and police presence has been beefed up in van der Veen's neighborhood.

Pezick said van der Veen's wife reported the vandalism to police.

"She came home saw it in the driveway and called the police," Pezick said.

He said the graffiti was the only vandalism officers found on the van der Veen's property.

Van der Veen won Trump's trial when Democrats were unable to prove Trump was guilty for inciting an insurrection.

Democrats like Nancy Pelosi were furious and lashed out at "cowardly Republicans" who wouldn't vote to convict Trump.

Donald Trump can now run for president in 2024 if he wants to, as a conviction would have stopped him.

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