For anyone who witnessed the video of Trump's lawyer David Schoen holding his head while drinking water and wasn't sure what just happened - we have the most possible and likely explanation available.

It happened when Schoen was on the Senate Floor defending former President Donald Trump during the second impeachment trial, and the lawyer went to drink some water. As he took a sip, he also covered his head with his other hand. Many people saw it and wondered why he did that. Some people even mocked him for it, which was clearly uncalled for as they obviously did not seem aware of Schoen's beliefs.

However, it could all come down to something so simple as it being part of a religious practice as part of his Jewish beliefs, and quite frankly - it's that simple.

WATCH the video everyone was talking about:

To dive into the story a little bit more, it was Bend the Arc who also suggested that people stop mocking Schoen for observing his faith as an Orthodox Jew, as reported on Huff Post. “It is Jewish ritual, not an odd behavior to be mocked,” the group tweeted."

The group said, "Please stop mocking David Schoen for engaging in Jewish ritual as an observant Orthodox Jew. Please continue calling him out for making a mockery of our democracy & the concept of public speaking. Our Jewish community rejects his attempts to defend Trump’s violent incitement."

And in a second tweet, they stated, "For reference, David Schoen is covering his head when taking a sip of water and saying a blessing. Because he is not wearing a kippah, he covered his head with his hand. It is Jewish ritual, not an odd behavior to be mocked."

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