At least one Trump defense attorney was on the offense when he slammed Democratic House Impeachment managers of "doctoring the evidence" - although he did not provide evidence to back up his accusation.

Van der Veen said, "when you get caught doctoring the evidence, your case is over. And that’s what happened. They got caught doctoring the evidence, and this case should be over." It's not clear what exactly van der Veen is speaking of and he did not appear to expand on his accusation.

WATCH van der Veen accuse the impeachment managers of doctoring evidence:

NBC News has been covering the Trump impeachment live and provided more context of van der Veen's conversation than what the above video has. They stated:

GOP senator asks defense about Trump being pro-Israel, lawyer accuses managers of doctoring evidence
Sen. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., asked, "Given the allegations of the House manager that President Trump has tolerated anti-Semitic rhetoric, has there been a more pro-Israel president than President Trump?"

"No, but it's apparent that nobody listened to what I said earlier today," Trump lawyer Michael van der Veen responded.

Van der Veen said that he isn't "having fun" and is having "the most miserable experience" he's ever had in Washington, D.C. "There's nothing fun about it."

He then suggested, without evidence, that House managers were "caught doctoring evidence."

In another accusation, Trump's other lawyer David Schoen, accused them of using manipulated information against Trump. However, they denied it and said it was caught early and not presented or shown to anyone, as reported:

But the House impeachment managers never presented the doctored tweets at the trial, which Schoen himself noted. Instead, they presented a screenshot of Trump's retweet, correctly dated January 3, 2021, which has since been taken down as his account is permanently suspended. They also showed the follow-up tweet with the same date.

"To be fair, the House managers caught this error before showing it on the Senate floor, so you never saw it when it was presented to you," Schoen said Friday.

Meanwhile, Trump awaits the results of his second impeachment trial.