President Donald Trump's campaign manager, Brad Parscale, dropped a hammer on Joe Biden's campaign in his recent appearance on Fox News. Parscale said, "People aren’t excited for Joe Biden, he’s hiding in his basement, he doesn’t want to come out, and his handlers can’t even let him speak… The President has the right direction for this country, and he’s gonna win four more years."

For clarity purposes, it's unclear if Biden is hiding in the basement or allowed to roam free in other portions of his own home. It's also unclear what his handlers are doing with him.

In terms of public appearances, NBC News reported back on May 25 that Joe Biden had made his first appearance in nearly two months.

The report stated, "Joe Biden appeared in public Monday for the first time in more than two months, laying a wreath to honor the fallen at a Delaware war memorial.

What in most campaign years would be a fairly ordinary holiday ritual was anything but for the former vice president, who has only been seen by most Americans in small doses from a now-familiar makeshift TV studio in his Wilmington home since becoming the apparent Democratic nominee."

Biden does seem to stay home and do videos from there, regardless of if it's in his basement or not. Biden does a lot of his action on Twitter, but even that remains unclear who is typing it. He might have a social media manager do it, or he might do it.

Parscale is throwing direct shots right at Joe Biden and his entire campaign. Will they respond?