Former President Donald Trump used his speech at CPAC to trash Liz Cheney and 17 Republican lawmakers who were against him, even supporting the impeachment.

Trump wants voters to "get rid of ‘em all" whenever any of them are up for reelection.

WATCH Trump unload on the Republicans who he doesn't like very much:

Trump called Liz Cheney a "warmonger" and unloaded on others, as the report states:

Trump on Sunday labeled the seven senators and 10 House members as “grandstanders” and concluded his list of disloyal lawmakers with House Republican Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), whom he called a “warmonger” and a “person that loves seeing our troops fighting.”

The former president praised the Wyoming Republican Party’s censure of Cheney following her vote to impeach him, telling the conservative crowd that it was “good news.”

“So hopefully they’ll get rid of her with the next election,” he said. “Get rid of ‘em all.”

This is Trump's way of staying active in politics.

Even if Trump doesn't run for president in 2024, he can use his celebrity status to influence voters just by making a few statements.