Todd Starnes was on Twitter complaining about getting his hands cleaned and having to wearing a mask as he went shopping for a toaster. As it turns out, he didn't even get a toaster. After all that disgruntled whining and suffering through getting his hands clean and coming home without the COVID, he still didn't get his toaster.

First of all - who goes to the store in a pandemic for a toaster and DOES NOT GET THE TOASTER?? I guess the store he went to had so many toasters sold out and he didn't like anything that was left? Oh my, the suffering he just went through. I can't believe this guy and his stupid tweet.

Of all the complaints in the world to make about things, this isn't it. It's actually a good thing if a store is giving you hand sanitizer on the way in and many stores are asking people to wear masks. It's really not an inconvenience. You walk in the store, you get your things. You pay. You leave. Pretty much exactly the same.

Sure, they may ask us to wait in a line if the store has a lot of people in it, but that's only happened to me once in the entire month.

This is just Todd Starnes crying like a baby for no reason and literally making EVERYONE as humans look bad. Even worse, if you're a Republican, Conservative, Trump supporter - Todd Starnes just made you look bad too.

You want to complain about something, then pick something better to complain about, because THIS AIN'T IT TODD!!