Tim Allen, from Last Man Standing, was turning heads this week when he was quoted saying, "I really hate your kids" during a podcast with Marc Maron.

So what prompted Tim Allen to say that? Well, there's actually a pretty good explanation for it. Not that we needed one, because it's Tim Allen, and he often says a few funny things here or there - depending on your sense of humor, of course.

A write up from Uproxx described his quote like this:

It’s actually a bit in his stand-up that’s not far from the truth. “I hate your kids,” he jokes in his act, “and I’m not fond of my kids. But I really hate your kids. Nothing is dumber than human children, and above all, they take the attention away from me in a room.”

Allen has found, however, that the more he dislikes kids — like the ones in his neighborhood — the more they seem to want to hang around him. He also admits that, on The Santa Claus, he was a “mean, horrible Santa Claus off stage."
“I was an angry, made-up comedian that didn’t have any idea what five hours of make-up would be like. It was horrific. And then these kids wouldn’t behave, and then I’m swearing, SWEARING, while dressed like Santa Claus until one of the Disney people said, ‘Tim, you can’t keep dropping the F-bomb in front of the kids dressed as Santa Claus.’ And of course, I’m going, ‘I’m not goddamn Santa,’ and they’re like, ‘They don’t know that!”

“It was an amazing experience for me, because I really don’t like kids very much, but these kids love being around this pissy Santa, and I learned to be a pissy nice guy.”

Marc Maron described the podcast episode with Tim Allen like this:

Tim Allen has embodied enough different personas - Tim Taylor, Mike Baxter, Buzz Lightyear, Santa Claus - that he often doesn’t know which guy he actually is. But at least he’s no longer the directionless young man who made bad choices and ran afoul of the law. Tim tells Marc how he cleaned up his act and made it as a club comic before breaking out with one of the most popular sitcoms in network history. They also talk about how Tim’s emotions are running high as Last Man Standing comes to an end and why his new competition show, Assembly Required, is surprisingly out of his comfort zone.

Take a listen to the podcast here.

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